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October 16, 2008

Nicole and Quincy married!

This was such a fun, unique wedding! I got to fly into Portland for a little engagement session a few days before the big day and then we drove up to Chehalis, Washington for a wedding in a barn! All the details were so different and so them. Just check out her dress and cowboy boots!

Special thanks to my second-shooter Jaqui!

The radical ring

Meanwhile, the guys got ready in the men's room oh, about 10 minutes :)

Got some portraits done before the ceremony, but with no bride! These bridesmaids, they pretty much rock. We could totally be friends. It was such a great weekend!

Isn't the flower girl so adorable?? If you look closely you can see that she's wearing cowboy boots too.

The bride's little sister :)

Ring bearer!

And it's GO time!

The flower girl had a basket full of leaves that she dropped instead of flowers.

The second I saw those stairs I wanted to do this tilt-shift shot. And dang, that sky could not have been bluer.

Beautiful flowers in mason jar centerpieces!
Here's their cake, which they cut and fed each other, but they also had peach cobbler!

Yes, I couldn't help but take a self-portrait during the dinner break :)

Sisters :)

Party time! They had such a fun first dance!

I think they really want that garter...
First he did a little dance around his bride...
and this man knows how to take off a garter!
The couple that caught the bouquet and garter are together! And they only had to knock over a few small children and old people to get them. They were so cute and excited :). LOVE it!

AND the school bus shuttle. It was wicked cool.
I'm a sucker for those holding out the camera self-portraits.

Congratulations Nicole and Quincy! Thank you again SO much for having me. It was a blast getting to know you!


Karen S said...

Kelli- Those are amazing. You keep getting better. Are you going to be in Danville in February by chance? We would love for you to take pictures of our baby.

Jenna said...

Dang. I worked so hard to make my wedding unique and cool and this bride did it without even trying. The group shot with the groomsmen drinking the chardonnay is a personal favorite. I like that you didn't coach and just let things happen :)

Kristin said...

WOW. I'm not sure what else to say. Those are insane! You do just keep getting better and better. I love all of them!

littlecumulus said...

Absolutely stunning, Kelli. I love them!

Whitney Hardie said...

These have such a great feel. I especially love the ones of people getting ready and the portraits.

Nicely done!

You know where I live if you ever need a second shooter.

ChrisS said...

Fantastic shoot. I would imaging the bride loves them as they are as unique and interesting as she appears to be. Absolutely LOVE them. Yay you.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Kelli, the couple (Andrew and myself) that caught the bouqet and the garter are now engaged. He had a plan :) Just thought I would fill you in. The pictures are just amazing! They are just as fun and interesting as Nicole and Quincy.

ddphotography said...

im so glad i stumbled are very talented! so many wonderful shots!

Brooke said...

what can I say, there really are no words to describe these pictures....amazing, just amazing

Scott said...

You are a superb photographer. Thanks for doing such a great job at capturing the spirit of Nicoletta and the infamous Q-bomb's red headed hitch fest.

Leisa Waldron said...

I LOVE this wedding! How come I didn't wear Cowgirl boots on my day? Adorable! You are so amazing Kelli!

Dan, Cicely and Quincy! said...

I have long thought that my wedding was the best ever.... I think these folks just stole my title.

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

holy cow!! that dark haired bridesmaid was my sorority sister in College!!! did you say this was in Washington? I just saw her a few weekends ago! Crazy!