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July 7, 2007

Back to California!

I've made the move back to the San Fran East Bay for the rest of the summer so if anyone in the area wants to book a shoot or has friends who do let me know! Thanks for checking out my blog!

July 5, 2007


I got to photograph my friend Todd on the track today and it was so much fun! Loved all the dust, mud, and Gatorade :). Not bad for an old man!

July 4, 2007


Last ones from the shoot on Tuesday. Here's Kelli, the one who set this whole thing up. Thanks Kelli! It was so much fun! Her pictures can be found here


These are my favorites of Stacy. You can check out her pictures from the shoot here


Here are the pictures of Laura! And you can see the pictures she took of me and everyone else here.

Photographer shoot-Natalie

I got together with the photo group again and this time we shot each other! We had a lot of fun and now we all have pictures of ourselves we can use for promotional purposes and for our mom's :)

Here are the images of Natalie, you can see the pictures she took here