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April 23, 2008

Luke is 7 months!

Check out the rockin' mohawk on this kid!! Here he is just a new little guy and I couldn't believe how big and handsome he's getting! It was great to see you both again!

Paula and Baby P

The red hair and blue eyes on this baby girl are incredible!! Another beautiful mom and baby pair for my BFA project. What do you think?

April 22, 2008

Hands of Mercy

This is the orphanage I spent most of my time in Ghana at. Hands of Mercy. I love these kids. I'll be doing a show at BYU in the fall of some of the pictures. They're all great kids and most of them have sponsors, which is awesome. I know there are quite a few more sober images in this batch, but they are usually incredibly happy kids, especially the older ones. They fight just like any kids, but they also love to goof off and make faces, play sports, and they love learning. They'd often have me create work for them such as math problems. All around great kids. Check out the website to see if there's anything you can do for them!

April 21, 2008

What do you get...

...when you have a tutu, rain boots, and amazing blonde curls? The CUTEST pictures in the world of your adorable niece. I went over to my sister's on Saturday between 2 of my 3 shoots and found that Tessa had dressed herself in one of her favorite outfits. How could I resist? I only had 10 minutes, but still managed to take nearly 100 pictures :). Thank you Kristin for buying this at a garage sale for $2 5 years ago! Can anyone argue that this isn't the cutest thing ever?

Click on it to see it bigger!! It's a must!

Click on this one too!