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August 7, 2007

Vindie's Bridals

The fog in the city gave us great light for this awesome bridal shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts. I've known Vindie for a long time and it was fun to see her so glamorous and happy! She looked just like a model and toughed the cold very well! These are the only pictures going up for now because she doesn't want her fiance' to see her dress yet! You'll just have to wait Lincoln :). I'll put up some of my favorites after the wedding in a couple of weeks!

I think Vindie owes Veronica for when she gets married! Good thing she's strong. She was such a huge help the whole shoot!
Isn't the dress beautiful? :) Okay, so my painting skills in photoshop aren't the best.

Cronin Family

Over the weekend I got to photograph this beautiful family with their "from the mold" children (seriously, the twins look exactly like their older sister did at that age). The girls all have darling personalities and are so much fun to shoot (as long as they don't have to share the tractor). Some of the pictures look like duplicates, I know; can you tell them apart??

August 6, 2007

Brittany and Kelly

Congratulations on your marriage Brittany and Kelly! My mom and I got to shoot this awesome wedding on Friday and it was such fun to work with this bride and groom. I'm rather partial to the Oakland temple so I love shooting there. It was an amazing blue-sky day at the temple and they transformed their back yard into a beautiful reception site. Everything just looked great! Have fun on the honeymoon!