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August 29, 2007

Baby Hazen

Here's sweet little Hazen, born just a few weeks ago. He was only 3 lbs 14 oz (which is pretty big for being 2 months early!) and he's already over 5 lbs! I'm friends with his mom and I'm glad I got to go do this for their family. If anyone knows of someone who has a baby in the NICU let them know that I do this as a free service. Get better little guy!

Thanks for the great job!

As some of you know I had the great opportunity to work for an amazing photographer this past summer in California doing some retouching on a few thousand images. He's done 4 books and working on his 5th (I think) and has a lot of incredible pictures of the California Coast and wine country (not to mention all the rest).

So if you want a great photography book or a cool wall mural or you just want to look at some pretty pictures you should check him out!
In addition to being a great photographer he's also a great guy. His name is Gary Crabbe and here's his site -

August 27, 2007

Cade and Jaxon

I got so many cute pictures of Cade and Jax from the maternity shoot I thought they deserved their own post. Aren't their eyes soooo blue?! I LOVE this first one of them.

Brooke, Ella and their boys

This is my beautiful sister and her beautiful boys! She has the cutest belly ever and it was so much fun to do these pictures. I can't wait for little Ella to arrive in Novemeber!!