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June 21, 2008


I've finally submitted to twittering due to the persistence of Nate and Yvette. Apparently, it's all the rage.

Don't know what Twitter is? Check it out here.

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June 19, 2008


Say what you want about your own family, but I'm pretty sure mine is the raddest. I have the most amazing nieces and nephews on the planet and their looks could rival those of kids in magazines.

This is my rockin' nephew Ty. We went to a movie the other day and as we left we were holding hands and I asked him,

"Ty, will you still love me when you grow up?"

"Yeah (nonchalantly). You know how long I'll love you and Brie?"

"How long?"


I love him. Who knows why he threw in my twin sister (Brie), but that's Ty :)

Who couldn't love this face?? I'm so glad I have him (and the rest of the fabulous fam) forever.

Basically, San Diego rocks

Remember that internship? Well, basically it's totally radtastic. I'm working with The Image is Found and they rock my socks. I love it. They even trust me so much they've allowed me to take the cardboard out to recycle, burn dvd's, and do some photoshop lasso magic on this piece of sweetness, which they threw up on their blog. You can just tell from this picture what it must be like to work for them (forgive me for grabbing this from the blog...)

I also went to a meeting tonight for photographers and got to meet Jasmine Star, who is (also) one of the raddest, hottest (in the photography sense...), nicest, most talented photographers ever.

And THEN I went out to dinner with a whole group of incredible people/photographers (I just barely got home, no time to check out their sites yet! But I'm sure they're all amazing).

I love this city.

June 17, 2008


This is the beginning of a LOT of shoots the last couple of weeks for my BFA project that I'm finally getting around to. Meet Emily, my friend from my freshman year at college! I knew her and her husband before they knew each other, but I can't take credit for their meeting. It was so much fun to catch up and meet her gorgeous baby!

I don't usually have a hard time choosing one for my project, but I am now! Which is your fav?

Happy Father's Day!

Sorry it's a couple days late, I didn't have any internet access all weekend, the horror!

A new brother.