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June 19, 2008

Basically, San Diego rocks

Remember that internship? Well, basically it's totally radtastic. I'm working with The Image is Found and they rock my socks. I love it. They even trust me so much they've allowed me to take the cardboard out to recycle, burn dvd's, and do some photoshop lasso magic on this piece of sweetness, which they threw up on their blog. You can just tell from this picture what it must be like to work for them (forgive me for grabbing this from the blog...)

I also went to a meeting tonight for photographers and got to meet Jasmine Star, who is (also) one of the raddest, hottest (in the photography sense...), nicest, most talented photographers ever.

And THEN I went out to dinner with a whole group of incredible people/photographers (I just barely got home, no time to check out their sites yet! But I'm sure they're all amazing).

I love this city.


A. said...

Woooooooah. They are superdupercrazyneetoamazing...incredible photography, much!!! You are the perfect person to work for them!

Jenna said...

You are living my dream life. Why am I not a photographer?

Jasmine Star, I so heart her.

You have to keep me updated on all of the famous people you are canoodling with.

threewinks said...

OMG! Can I hate you a bit? Or, maybe a little jealousy will be sufficient. I LOVE the image is found! Their work is incredible and you will learn so much from interning with them.

Jamie said...

Kelli! Good times last night. Let's hang again soon. Great meeting you!

ChrisS said...

Wow. . . .so happy for you. Canoodle away and keep telling us about it.

Bobby Earle said...

What an amazing opportunity! Psyched for you :) Those guys are such amazing photographers!! From going around your blog it looks like you deserved it :)


david & kimi baxter said...

hey kelli it was awesome meeting you last nite! even tho' we didn't really get to talk. love your work! and yah, my boy nate is the shizzy!!!

Jasmine said...

rock on, girl! :) it was SO nice meeting you and i can't wait for our paths to cross again! :)