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February 12, 2009


I love her and her big blue eyes and her curly hair and her polka-dot jammies and all the attitude that comes with it :)

February 11, 2009

Robyn + Kevin engaged!

See this first picture? This is why they should get an award. I was bundled up in a wool coat, scarf, and hat. Though Robyn did have a man to keep her warm...And ya know what? If you look hard enough at the last picture you'll see why we ended the shoot at that point.

Robyn and I used to work together at BYU and I remember meeting Kevin one day long ago in our lounge :). I remember thinking he had really cool hair. At one point Robyn commented "You must have a really strong stomach." Lol! I just like hanging out with couples in-love! I'm also pretty much in-love with their color choices (and I love that his shirt totally matches her eyes). We started the shoot off at Robyn's family's cabin and it had gorgeous light on the porch, despite the horrible weather! Pretty sure a May wedding in San Diego will be much, much warmer.