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March 28, 2008

The blog gods have spoken

First, a story. So, to pick a winner I randomized all the names in excel and sorted them so they'd be spread out. Who pops to the top? Melissa (sorry, this isn't how I chose the winner though). They were each assigned a number and then I wrote down 1 through 136 on scraps of paper and stuck them in a box. As I was mixing them around with my hand one of them literally jumped out of the box. So I thought, 'I suppose we have a winner.' I checked it with the spreadsheet and guess who it was? Melissa! What kinda voodoo magic are you playing at?? You can see her on my blog here, here, and here! Congratulations :).

Because there was such a great turnout I decided to give away a 2nd and 3rd prize as well. Those winners are Kylie and LinnieBell. You get to pick out a print too, it just won't be matted. Email me at to claim your prize!

Anyone who's interested can check out more pictures at You have to enter your email address, but it will only be used to send you an email when the event expires or discounts end. By the way, for the next 30 days all prints from my trip will be 30% off. Check 'em out!

Enjoy some pictures of London, and click on them to see them bigger, it's worth it!

March 27, 2008

Contest closed!

The amazing first ever Kelli Nicole Photography "Birthday Contest" is over. Thanks to everyone who participated! Check back tomorrow for winners!

Vicky and her little man

This is another shoot for my bfa final project and also your last chance to win a cool picture! Vicky and her guy were so adorable and will look great with the rest of my project.

Tell me which is your favorite!


These studs are cousins and as cute as can be. My sister nannies these kiddos and in this first picture this is what he does when his mom leaves; goes to the window to watch her. It's so cute!

This is the outfit his dad wore when he was one year old!

Look at those blue eyes!

March 25, 2008

More of Africa

I hope you're not sick of looking at cute little African kids yet! This isn't the end of it :)

March 24, 2008

Ashley + Todd

Ashley and Todd were such a fun couple to work with! I haven't shot in this location for a long time and I forgot how much I loved it. I'm so excited for the wedding!

Click to see them bigger!

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My roommates and I dyed Easter eggs yesterday and had a ton of fun! My eggs enjoyed the title of "the international eggs." I guess I'm still not off my Paris kick...