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October 1, 2009

San Francisco Trip

Hey all you friends from the state I love so much! I haven't been able to schedule as many shoots as I would have liked for my upcoming trip to the bay area so I'm going to be shortening my trip. If there is anyone out there who'd like to schedule something let me know soon so I don't accidentally cut off the days you might be available :). Thanks!

September 29, 2009

Scott, Liz, and Will

I knew Liz when we were in high school in the bay area (she was a year ahead of me and at my rival school). I was super delighted to hear last year that she was expecting a baby and it was so great to finally meet her family! Their little boy is SO darling I could barely stand it. Despite the unexpected chilly/misty/windy weather that we often find in San Francisco in the summer he was perfect the whole time.

Aren't they the cutest family?!? Liz and Scott's first date was a double with his parents, lol.

A quick stop at Kara's Cupcakes to warm up also proved to be a great place for pictures!

What do dads do best?? Play! We almost always gets some real fun smiles when dad goofs off.

Where did the time go??

Wow, I had no idea I'd neglected my blog for so long! I have a TON of work I'm trying to catch up on and get things out to clients and I'm sorry I've been absent for the month of September.

Anyway, I'm so happy there's so much interest in the tutorials and question/answer segments! If I get enough questions together by next week I'll do my first one. I already have a few sitting in my inbox, so thanks to those who sent them! Once again, anyone who has a question leave a comment here or send an email to kelli @ with a subject that says something to do with tutorials or blog questions. Thanks!