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November 17, 2007

Sami's headshots

This guy is going places, so I'm glad I got to shoot his new headshots! He had a small part in "High School Musical," which I think it pretty sweet. Don't forget me when you're famous!

Baby Bruno

Okay, so his name's not really Bruno. But he sure is cute, isn't he?? This kid is a miracle baby! I was expecting to photograph him in the NICU, but he got out and here he is at home with his family! Congratulations!

Kiki and Larry

I went up to Napa to photograph Kiki and Larry's engagements last weekend, but it poured!! We got some cute shots and will be doing another one, not in the rain, in January. Luckily they're not getting married until February '09, so we have some time. They've been attending to the Shakespeare Festival together for years, and Larry got the people in charge to conspire with him when he proposed. Congratulations you two!

November 13, 2007


These girls are so beautiful and so easy to photograph! They're friends with my sister's kids so I get to play every time I visit. They make me thankful for my own three sisters! Thanks girls! It was fun!

Garff family 2

Here are pictures from the rest of the Garff family. Once again, beautiful children, beautiful parents! Thanks for having me guys!

Watkins Family

One of the fun families I got to photograph while in California this last weekend! I love the wall in this first picture. It was a perfect afternoon and the light was amazing! It was great to meet you all!