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November 13, 2007

Garff family 2

Here are pictures from the rest of the Garff family. Once again, beautiful children, beautiful parents! Thanks for having me guys!


Kristin said...

These are awesome! I love them!

Michele said...

hi im calld garff too.. but i live in italy.. ok im just curious about my surname and my origins since here in europe there arent sow many persons whit tht name,, ok im a kind of an artist like my hall family.. and my grandfather from germany went in us at the time,, ok i talk a lot i know.. anyway im 20.. and hm,,, i improvise a lot in my life.. like this i wrote wasent planned:9 ok well i can leave u my mail ad for any curiosity or about ur origins u can write mee!";) its
and very beautiful pictures by the way;).. u seem too have a great family.. cordial greetings.. :,michele garff