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September 8, 2007

Dylan and Owen

I had so much fun (and exercise) photographing these darling kids today! Dylan has tons of energy and is so cheerful! We raced around a lot. Her new little brother is soooo chill and easygoing. I had a great time!

Happy Birthday Ty!

Pictures from my nephew's 4th birthday party! A fun, slippery, wet'n'wild ride!

Joy. Pure joy. Who knew a spiderman slip'n'slide could bring such happiness?

September 7, 2007

My adorable family!

This is a little late, but while I was in California a few weeks ago my sister from North Carolina came with her two kids and got all the cousins together! I had a ton of fun playing with these kiddos; wrestling, going to the zoo, and trying to get Jaxon and Ty (these first two) to sit still so we could repeat a picture of the two of them from exactly three years ago. I sure love them!