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October 5, 2007

Cute family!

These kids were so cute! And so much fun to photograph. I love the age of the younger one, where they can sit up, but can't get away yet! And I love the age of the older one, where they can listen to directions most of the time, but still so much fun and will race me across the grass. The mom is the photography curator at the Museum on campus, so no pressure. Thanks for letting me shoot your family!

October 4, 2007

Big guy

This kiddo started out tiny but is almost 8 lbs now!! I just love photographing for these families that have babies in the NICU and I hope to get to do some more. I love these pictures, and it sure helps when the parents and the baby are all gorgeous! I love the little grin he's giving his daddy near the end :)

Cute belly!

I love doing maternity pictures! If anyone's interested, the best time is between 27 and 36 weeks (but I did photograph one mom 3 days before the baby was born). Congratulations Melissa and Levi!

October 3, 2007


Isn't she the cutest thing?? Little miss Abby was so happy and so sweet! She loves her uncle Hyrum and gave him the biggest smiles! Right now she's my cover baby on my website (the newborn with the pink background), and I see an updated children's page in the near future...