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June 4, 2009


Anybody seen one of these on a blog?

Maybe I'm completely technically inept (though I can edit html on my own website and figure out other computer things...), but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to post a comment using one of these. I'll be logged into my google account and will select that as the profile (I've even tried using the anonymous profile when allowed), but as soon as I try to either preview or post a comment it just deletes it. What is wrong with me?? Anyone?

June 3, 2009

It's Travel Time!

For those of you who don't yet know, I'm now living in and running my business out of Houston, TX! I even have my own bed, a desk, and a dresser. It's pretty exciting. However, I'll be traveling a lot over the next few months so I thought I'd put down my dates on here. Also, if you're looking at my blog (opposed to google reader) you can see on the right where my current location is and what's coming up next.

Here it goes:

June 7th-June 25th: Utah. I have a wedding and several other shoots scheduled, and my twin sister is having her first baby and we want me to be there. Any shoots scheduled during this time will have to be slightly flexible, on the off-chance that she is in heavy labor during your scheduled shoot (if she happens to be in labor the day of your shoot I'll contact you as soon as possible).

July 24/25th: TriCities, Washington! Excited to shoot the wedding of a close friend's little sister.

July 26-30th: San Francisco bay area.

July 31st/Aug 1st: LA for a wedding!

August 2-13th: Minneapolis, MN for a family reunion. It will be the first time my family has all been together since my sister's wedding 5 years ago! I have 4 siblings and they each have children, so it will be soooo fun to all be together. I won't be doing much work during that time, but could possibly squeeze in a shoot if I happen to have any blog readers out that way!

August 14/15th: Utah! It's wedding time! If I have any clients that would like to schedule shoots in the days following that I can extend my trip by a few days.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the fall schedule in another month or two!