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September 2, 2009

Allison and Dallin engaged!

I've probably known Dallin since he was like...6. I used to visit California every summer when I was a kid and play with him and his 8 siblings! So fun. I also photographed Allison's senior pics a few years ago, her sister's senior pics, Dallin's sister's senior pics, and Dallin's sister's wedding! I LOVE my repeat clients and friends :).

These two have to wait until Dallin graduates from West Point to get married, so come next summer they'll be newlyweds.

Isn't she beautiful?! They were so much fun to photograph.

Around now it started raining...but that didn't stop us!

It was also REALLY foggy.

And SUPER windy!! This one cracks me up.

One funny thing about their relationship is that their dads work together and actually set them up! So at least we know they both approved of the relationship :). So fun to see you both again!