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June 19, 2008


Say what you want about your own family, but I'm pretty sure mine is the raddest. I have the most amazing nieces and nephews on the planet and their looks could rival those of kids in magazines.

This is my rockin' nephew Ty. We went to a movie the other day and as we left we were holding hands and I asked him,

"Ty, will you still love me when you grow up?"

"Yeah (nonchalantly). You know how long I'll love you and Brie?"

"How long?"


I love him. Who knows why he threw in my twin sister (Brie), but that's Ty :)

Who couldn't love this face?? I'm so glad I have him (and the rest of the fabulous fam) forever.

1 comment:

ChrisS said...

Love the picture. Love the story. Love the boy.