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October 10, 2008


The day before the wedding in Chehalis, Washington a couple of weeks ago I wandered around this awesome little town we were all staying in. Centralia, Washington, you totally rock.

PS: I'm currently IN Washington right now, again, with limited access to email. Just thought I'd let you know :)


Brooke said...

You should totally contact the chamber of commerce for that town and see if they want to purchase those pics, they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

I agree with Brooke completely!!! I love them!!! You are so talented!!!

Paula Roberts said...

Stacie Brookshire Lehrschall recommended I check out your snaps - she's right, they are gorgeous. I am envious of your talent. Keep shooting as it is obviously your passion - it shows in every photo.

Momma Sarah said...

I can't believe you were in Centralia/Chehalis! (Ok, so I am telling on myself now) I've been following your blog for sometime now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I found your blog thru another Kelli's blog or was it NHS Company? Anyway, my sister knows one of you and recommended looking at your blogs. I so wish I could have met up with you and watch you work! (I'm in Olympia, just north of Centralia/ Chehalis) Thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda Heath said...

Hey Kelli,

As an avid photographer, I have been following your blog for a while now and I was so surprised to see "CENTRALIA" as one of the blog headlines! I grew up there! I now live on a remote island in Southeast Alaska and haven't been home in a very long time. These pictures brought back such great memories. Thank you!.com