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October 7, 2008

Nicole + Quincy

Almost married! I flew up to Portland a few days before this couple's wedding in Washington so we could do a little 'engagement' shoot. I guess it's not really an e-session, but we all thought it'd be fun to just get some shots of them in their normal clothes. It was so much fun! This was my first trip to Portland and everywhere I looked there was something I wanted to shoot. I think I loved this caboose as much as they did :). Wedding pictures to come soon!


littlecumulus said...

They are going to have the most beautiful curly-headed babies this world has ever seen.

Awesome shoot!

GretchieLove said...

Kelli ! I love these photos ! They could be ads for Suburban Outfitters ! I can't wait til you come and visit. I'll make a room just for you....since nobody in this house sleeps in their room.

Brie said...

So fun and so amazing! I agree with both statements above!

Kristin said...

Wow, very cool and very beautiful. I can't wait for the wedding pics!!

ChrisS said...

Wow, Kel. SUCH a great shoot. I want to be them and have these pictures. Absolutely some of my favs.

Brooke said...

These are beyond fabulous!!!!!!! Best e-shoot (or faux e-shoot ;o) so far!!!!!