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July 23, 2008

David and Joy

I've known David since I was 12! I met Joy last year when I came to visit and it's so great to see them together. I had so much fun on this shoot, and at Chili's afterwards :) (if you know David, that won't surprise you). Congratulations you two!!

David is kinda tall.

And introducing, their brand new baby, the 3G:


Bethany said...

kelli, these are incredible. and such a beautiful couple! i absolutely love the lighting, processing, everything! all of your latest work is amazing.

Brooke said...

Ahhhh, those are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the one of their silouet (no clue how to spell that?) they are just soooo good, oh and how tall is he?? Or is she really short too?

ChrisS said...

Definitely one of my all time favorite engagement shoots. Awesome job!

Stacie said...

kelli! everytime i look at any of your pictures i wish i had gotten you to do mine!!!!!!!!! They are AMazing! I'm savin up for when I have a baby (whenever that is)
PS tell david i said congrats