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October 21, 2009

Dustin and Crystal

This was my first real shoot in Houston and this gorgeous couple is now getting married this week! I was already booked up for their wedding date, but I'm soooo glad I got to do their engagements. We found so many awesome locations, some really close to where I live.

Aren't they stunning?? I get the best clients.

My boyfriend came along to shoot with me and he did such an amazing job!! Especially since I didn't really do a good job of instructing him beforehand (oops). He took the shot below and I'm so proud of him! My favorite part is the bottom right corner ;).

Thanks so much Dustin and Crystal! I can't wait to hang out after you're an old married couple :).


Whitney Hardie said...

I love the one where they are on the train together. Awesome shot!

Yay for getting clients in Houston!! Now the downpour of clients will begin.

ChrisS said...

Just beautiful. Yes....let the rain begin.