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October 13, 2009

Craig and Jackie engaged!

Craig has been one of my favorite people and best friends since we both moved to California when he was 14 and I was 17. He followed me to BYU and we always had such a blast when we hung out! He recently returned home from a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Orlando, Florida where he spoke Haitian Kreyol (I believe he also learned Portuguese, polished off his Spanish, lost some of his Japanese, and probably invented a new language while he was there). During that time I collected letters, lots and lots of letters, and he did the same.

It was so much fun to photograph his engagements at one of the raddest places in Utah. Thanks so much to his little sister Miranda for coming out and helping SO much! There were several shots we wouldn't have been able to get if she hadn't been there.

Their wedding is already coming up in the next few weeks, and I'm so excited to see everyone so soon!

And this is the sunset we got to enjoy!

Jackie, welcome to one of my favorite families ever!


Tripp said...

ahhhhh, those are freakin fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been going through withdrawls without your daily updates on your blog; so thanks for posting some ;)

ChrisS said...

You did such an amazing job.

deanna said...

wow! I really love the last few (reflection, sunset, blah blah). Way to go!

epalsson said...

Mirnada had lots of fun helping you! The pictures are great - and so much fun. You probably even planned the perfect sunset, too!

Liz said...


KALI said...

Kelly, your pictures are amazing. Your clients will love them! The sunset ones are great!!!

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

These are all gorgeous photos!!! Not even sure how I landed on your blog but I'm glad I did! Amazing work!

Kate Challis said...

These are some of your best engagement photos ever! The time lapse one is really really stinkin' hilarious! Keep up the good work!

Jenna Cole said...

So many beautiful colors Kelli.