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March 10, 2009

Stringer family

Bronwyn and I went to high school together and now she has a beautiful family that I had the pleasure of photographing! Isn't her little girl darling?!? I love those huge brown eyes!

Mom especially wanted me to get some pictures of G and daddy together. I think we got some super cute ones!

Telling secrets :)


Leah Hopkins said...

beautiful family pics! GREAT lighting, especially in the first one! awesome!

Anonymous said...

So, so gorgeous! I love them all... hey, I just had an idea. You can come take our pictures and I'll pay you in sourdough starter. HA! (kidding.) Really though, where are those homebirth photos you were talking about?

Karen S said...

Love the one on the playground. Great colors!

kbreints said...

Those are gorgeous!

Ky said...

Oh, Bronwyn's fam is adorable!

sarah-lucy said...

I love the purple background on the last two.