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March 13, 2009

Sometimes, I neglect my family, & then I discover these, months later

It's kinda like Christmas. With pictures from October being finally uploaded in March. I apologize to my family for neglecting all their pictures (but give me a break, I have 4 siblings and they're all married and all have children).


johnwaire said...

love that 2nd photo kelli!

kbreints said...

Oh I love the corn field one!!

ChrisS said...

Love Love Love these pictures!

Brie said...

LOVE them!!!! Thanks Kelli!

Kristin said...

Woops--sorry that last comment was from me, not Brie.

The Shoogs said...

Kelli, OMG How are you? Wow, I am totally impressed. I knew you were a photographer, but you are big time now huh? How are ya? I miss you. What are you up to? Your photos are awesome. I am speechless. Feel free to check out our blog
Take Care, ShawnDawg