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December 2, 2008

The Image is Found!

This post is looooong overdue. This last summer you may remember that I interned with Nate the Great, of the radtastical Image is Found Photography, and his wife Jaclyn in Oceanside, CA. It was a great experience and Nate and Jac are soooo much fun! Oceanside is ridiculously cool and I miss the colorful walls, the sushi, and the refreshing walks to UPS. These are some pictures from my last day when we went out for sushi and frozen yogurt!

Oh, and they have 2 adorable kids!!!

Lord Helmet

Nate gave him a lemon. I don't think he appreciated it much.

Chantastic! Associate photographer.

Me, Nate, and Genevieve (the studio manager at the time)! Yes, we are that cool.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. But I am totally hard core.


Jenna said...

That is usually how I look when other people do things that look ridiculously cool and I try to copy and it just looks lame.

nate kaiser said...

kelli, you are the best!!! we miss having your hardcore g money mormon self all up in the studio!!!

jaclyn said...

so cute!!! jasper is a tank now! we miss you lots!!!

bethany j. said...

hahaha - LOVE it! and your work lately is ridiculous.

Danny and Kate said...

Your photos look awesome! I also browsed around your Africa blog. WOW it's interesting! You must have learned a ton. Are you still at BYU? What are you up to nowadays?

Brooke said...

those are really good pictures of you!!! What fun memories