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November 29, 2008

The Johnson Family. Is Rad.

I love this shoot. Sure, the 3 year old wasn't exactly fond of me at first, but wow, after that doughnut! She was magic :). Enjoy some pictures of some beautiful people!

Now lets all practice something. Look at the next picture and tell her "No." Go ahead. Try it. Can't do it? Neither can I.

They are Adorable. With a capital A.


Brooke said...

Ahhhh, they are AWESOME!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...ALL of them, I can't even begin to pick a favorite!

ChrisS said...

Love them. The pictures of the parents are TOOOOO cute too.

DR Corner said...

You took some great family photos of them. Btw, the daughters look JUST like the mom. :lol: