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June 3, 2008

Reagan and Miranda

I was spending time with some good friends (okay, they're practically family), and I snapped a few shots of the youngest. I cannot get over these eyes. Anyone who knows Craig, doesn't Reagan look exactly like him??


Jenna said...

If I could pay money for eyes like that. I would.

I love how clear and crisp and sharp these picture are Kel. Textures are fun, but I love picture like this that remind me that photography doesn't just mean good photoshopping skills.

Kelli said...

Thanks so much Jenna! With any luck I'll get a couple kids with eyes like this ;), lol

Brooke said...

Those are fabulous, I LOVE the last one where she is in front of the flowers!

Ellen said...

Thanks Kelli - they are so sweet. I love their eyes, too. And cute freckles. And sweet expressions. I can tell how comfortable they fell with you.

Brie said...

They've grown up so much since I last saw them! Great pictures!