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June 5, 2008

Ashley + Todd Married!

Finally getting some images up from this beautiful wedding last month! I'm totally loving these!!

See the rest here!

Yes, they are ALL in the air

Personal favorite


Jenna said...

That might be the sweetest jumping pictures I have ever seen. Mostly because of how calm and collected that one guy looks. It really looks like he is just chilling in the air.

Bethany said...

these are incredible! beautiful work! they will totally love those.

Kristin said...

These are fabulous Kelli! Seriously. You are ridiculous. :)

Brooke said...

I just kept "gasping" at each new one; these are incredible!!! Can I get married again?!?!?

ChrisS said...

Ditto what Brooke said. : )

I LOVE the jumping pictures, the veil pic, the one with just the two of them at the bottom of the frame with the cool texture.

And Brooke dittos what I just said.

We are one.

A. said...

You know, my wedding photographer was a very nice lady and all, but there are not words to express how much I wish you had been my photographer. Like Brooke said....can I get married again??

Karen S said...

That picture with all of the guys in the air is amazing!