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June 9, 2008

Elder Palsson

I did a few fun mission pictures for my friend Mitch in his back yard (who's also the big brother of these two gorgeous kids). He'll be leaving in July to serve a two year mission in South Africa for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Good luck Mitchell!

If you look really close you can see my balancing on a swivel chair in his sunglasses. Yeah, he's like 7 feet tall (or at least a whole foot taller than me)


Anonymous said...

Hansel is so hot right now.

Jenna said...

He is going to put all of those other elders in his foyer to shame. You HAVE to tell me where you got that texture you used on the last picture. I think it's Natalie Moser that uses something similar and I am completely obsessed. Did you buy it or make it yourself?

Kelli said...

I'm hoping he'll put the other elders to shame! I got that texture from a junk yard a week or two ago. I've tried using other people's textures and it just doesn't feel everything you see is mine!

Ellen said...

I know he's mine, but seriously! Have you ever seen better missionary pics?

Brie said...

Love them, they are the best missionary pics I've every seen!

Brooke said...

those are fabulous!!! In the serious sunglass pic he looks like he is in the CIA ;o)