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September 12, 2007

Welcome Home!

Meet beautiful little Bryleigh. She was born at only 1 lb and spent the first 3 1/2 months of her life in the NICU, but she got to go home this week!! I know her parents and siblings are overjoyed that she's well enough to be welcomed home. I'm so glad I got to photograph one of her last days there!


Brooke said...

Oh, those are so beautiful, they made my poor, pregnant, hormonal self tear up! GREAT job!!!!

ChrisS said...

You don't have to be pregnant or hormonal....ok, maybe hormonal...but they made me tear up too. BEAUTIFUL job.

Kristin said...

I absolutely love the one of the mom kissing the baby. Simply beautiful.
Love them all!

Anne Lee said...

Beautiful!! I'll call you this weekend. You are truly amazing!