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November 19, 2009

Laura and her kiddos

A few of my favorite pictures from one of my amazing repeat families! I so much love to watch the kids grow up :). I couldn't believe how long and blonde little Kate's hair had gotten. So amazing that they all have different hair color too!


Brooke said...

What a CUTE family!! I LOVE these, I especially love the last one!

epalsson said...

So cute! I love the ring-around-the-rosy one. Where did you take these? I love the trees.

Jenna Cole said...

I know I've been reading your blog a long time when I've seen this little red haired boy over and over. Wonderful colors! I love how rich they are.

ChrisS said...

LOVE these too!! You should go ahead and include that one you posted earlier of the two kids on the porch along with these. LOVE LOVE these. Sue loves them too. She's sitting here and says she never comments but she loves your blog.