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May 4, 2009


Here are a few pictures of the little guy as soon as he came home from the hospital at 2 days old! He weighed in at about 5 lbs 12 oz. He was born on April 24, so now he's 10 days old! Can't wait to see him again.

Daddy with the new big sis while Max took a nursing break.


Anonymous said...

He has a head full of hair. So cute!

Brooke said...

LOVE them, the pictures and the people in them!!! I can't wait for you to get back there and get some more pics!

ChrisS said...

LOVE these, too. You should post the head shot where it shows all his blondish hair.

Leisa Waldron said...

His hair is to die for. Good job on the pictures as are an artist! And good job on the baby boy K and J!!!