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February 16, 2009

Vegas, California, Arizona, and Houston

In several hours I'll be boarding yet another plane and this time I'm headed to Vegas! Sin city is going to be (well, already is) inundated with lots and lots...and lots of photographers this week and I'm excited to be one of them :). I don't know if I'll have any internet access while I'm there but if you need to contact me just give me a call or please be patient :). I'll be traveling a lot the next two weeks and will be in Northern California, Southern California, Vegas, Arizona, and finally finishing off in Texas (yes, I'm driving there).

Anyone in Houston need a photographer? How about a friend? I'll be living there for the month of March so feel free to call me up if you want to get together for any reason!

And a picture of an adorable couple that I am soooo excited to blog! Coming soon!


kbreints said...

oh now they look like they are in Love!

KaeLee.Denise said...

love love love this one!