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November 5, 2008

Williams family

This family has waited so patiently for their pictures during this crazy busy time! This is my new favorite place to shoot ever, the only problem is it's in Seattle. And I'm not. It's called Gas Works Park. Isn't it the best???

I have many photographic dreams. These next 2 pictures fulfilled one of those dreams.

We also went down to Pike's Place. So fun!

I LOVE Seattle.


Jenna said...

I actually think this was the park I was trying to go to after the wedding, but no matter, it was fun to revisit the park I took my senior pictures in once upon a time ;)

That shot of them throwing the baby up on the hill? I just love it!

ChrisS said...

Great family shoot. I just love it!!

Emily Weaver Brown said...

It's called Gas Works Park. It used to be a coal plant.

Kelli Nicole said...

Thanks Emily, I posted this after staying up most of the night, I probably dreamed the other name!

Brooke said...

ahhhh, these are fabulous!!!!

Cicely said...

I thought I might bust soon! Thank you for posting these!

bethany j. said...

i love those dream fulfillments, iincredible. everything you've done these last insanely BUSY weeks are friggin amazing. ;)

Brie said...

Those are so amazing, I love the ones on the hill! I just realized, you won't be able to do our Christmas pictures! :(