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October 29, 2008

J&S: Getting Ready

Okay, so this is mostly Jenna getting ready, but still.

Jenna with some of her bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, and the bridesman. I love that she has a bridesman.

She had 2 dresses for the wedding day! This first one was her mom's (right?) and she wore it in the temple for the actual ceremony.
And this is the dress that she wore for the rest of the day! It's so beautiful and so her!

They did a little gift exchange and it was so fun to watch them both open their gifts!

Jenna got some gorgeous pearls, which she immediately put on!

Famous wedding blogger, remember?
So this is where she gets it :)
Jen? I assume this isn't a hail Mary.
This light was killing me during the shoot, but I totally love it now!
This is her 'something blue.' Her mom, while buttoning, "What is this ugly blue button??"

Big thanks to my second shooter of the morning!


Jenna said...

Oh Kell! This is such a wonderful chance to relive my wedding over again. It's so fun to really hear how things unfolded from your perspective. That shot of my mom and I both clapping is really priceless. My family will get a kick out of the one where I am "hail marying" because I am sure I am throwing a fit about someone tugging on my hair. I love seeing his reaction to my gift, I'm so glad I arranged to have you there for the exchange. I love them all and you know I have already saved them all to my computer and will be looking at them multiple times each day :)

Ryel j Photography said...

I love these!! And the dresses are so beautiful!! What a creative getting ready session... so sweet!

rksquared said...

Yea! That Wedding! I kind of feel like I'm cheating by looking here before they get posted on That Bride. (Oh well!) The photos are beautiful!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Kelli you are even more amazing than I knew!! It is so cool to have been there and seen the locations and now see how much better and prettier they are! Girl you know your lighting! If you ever need a second shooter let me know.. I want to learn from you!

ChrisS said...

As much as I have loved loved loved a number of your weddings you've shot, this is the first one that I actually got a little emotional over. You've really captured the day. That is one lucky bride.

Brooke said...

Well said mom :o) this makes me want to get married again...

Jennifer said...