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September 25, 2008

Emily and Jeff

This was such a beautiful wedding! They had some of the coolest bouquets I've ever seen and all the details were perfect. They got married at a winery in Napa (a destination wedding for them) and it was just gorgeous. It was all topped off by a stunning bride and a dashing groom. Thanks to Kristen for the referral!

It all started off getting ready in the bride's room...

Thanks to my second shooter Mark for taking care of the groomsmen! (as well as the rest of the evening!)

Then we went out to get groom shots and bride shots before they saw each other.

Sisters. Aren't they just lovely?

No peeking!
The ceremony was in this amazing cave in the winery. She always dreamed of having a candlelit wedding, and here it was!

Afterwards I got some shots of their rad rings.

And a few minutes to get some pictures of just Emily and Jeff!
She could NOT stop smiling! They were so incredible happy and I feel so lucky that I got to be with them during this time.

The night ended with lots of dancing, but I think I already put in too many pictures :)

Thanks for flying me up last minute and letting me share your beautiful day with you :).


Jenna said...

I have scrolled up and down multiple times to decide, but I think my favorites are the "no peeking" shot behind the door, and the shot of the bride getting into her dress. I'm totally posting those two on my blog for my post tomorrow, as I am so so excited that in 2 weeks that is going to be me!

bethany said...

kelli, these are incredible. so beautiful. and what a gorgeous bride, you captured her smile and her happiness so perfectly!

ChrisS said...

Ditto to Jenna's comments. . . except I'm not getting married in two weeks. : ) Awesome job. Beautiful sisters and beautiful bride and groom.

Anonymous said...

I have been anxiously awaiting your pictures from our daughter Emily's marriage to Jeff. These were definitely worth the wait.
I can't wait to see the rest!!!
Thank you for capturing so perfectly the joy that seemed to radiate from both of them that day.
I felt like I was there all over again!

Camila said...

I really like your ring shots on this one Kelli. They look great! Way to go!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Kelly I love these! You are so amazing! My favorites are the one of the groom that is black and white antiqued and the shot where their hands are in focus but they are not, the 'no peeking'... I love the color on that one!!!

Nicole said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!!

Kristin said...

These are amazing pics Kelli! Absolutely LOVE them!

Brie said...

Those are amazing, great job!

Brooke said...

Every wedding you just get better and better...seriously!!! I now not only want to have another baby to get more newborn shots, but I want to get married again too!!!

Edge Photo said...

Stunning images Kelli!
It was great getting to shoot with you.