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August 12, 2008

Scanlan Family

The next family in the extended family extravaganza! How cute is their little boy?!?


Shannon said...

AMAZING YET AGAIN!!!! You are so awesome.
PS... Love your new pic on the page. You look so good!

ChrisS said...

It looks like amazing will be the word of the day. . . again. Awesome job. I'm so glad shan is so pleased, since she was the force behind hiring you.

Brooke said...

AHHHH, I LOVE these, the one where they are swinging him toward the camera and mom and dad under the pier and the last one where they are walking away, oh and the one of just the little boy standing under the pier with those cute little blue jeans, yeah, guess I can't pick just one favorite...

Emily said...

Damn girl! Anyone who can make us look good deserves a prize! Truly beautiful pictures! Thanks so much!

Kristin said...

Ditto to EVERYTHING Brooke said. Seriously--I was just about to say all those things!

These pictures are just crazy good. I LOVE them!