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July 9, 2008

Kelly and her kids

Yes, another fabulous mom who posed for my BFA project! Aren't they just stunning?!

Big sister jumped in for a few shots while mom was busy with baby. I loved her, she's so adorable!!


Jenna said...

Love the colored closeup of him all wrapped up in the blanket. Glad you found some more boys!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh, he looks like a porcelain doll. Those pics are just fabulous, the ones of the little girl under her name and the black and white profile are amazing. Ahh, they are AWESOME!!!!

GretchieLove said...

Stephanie is so cute ! That's so her...the dress the barrettes and the tights ! Nobody at school has ever seen her brother, but you have captured him beautifully ! Tres bien Kelli !

Ky said...