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June 24, 2008

Aplanalp Family!

This is such a great family! They have the greatest girls, which made this shoot a lot of fun!

The oldest (who I used to teach in church and I know loves to blog and check out mine!):

The youngest, who had quite the expressions :). Such fun and looks like she could be mine (one of them even mentioned it)

Dad and mom, it's obvious how the girls got so cute!

And the middle child, doesn't she have the cutest haircut??

Such a fun family! So glad we were finally able to get together!


GretchieLove said...

Oh goodness gracious ! I am so disgusted on how beautiful Stacey is and her girls.....Kelli I love these photos ! It just shows how fun and cute the Aplanalps are ! Oh yeah...and Robi was okay too...

ChrisS said...

These are TOO cute. What fun that their personalities come across so well in the pictures. I love the one of Stacy and Robi.

Kristin said...

I LOVE these pictures. They are AWESOME. Stacey--you guys are beautiful!! Great job Kelli!

Brooke said...

Kelli, those are AWESOME!!!!!!! What a beautiful family and you captured them in a way that I'm sure no one else ever could!!!!

Taylor Aplanalp said...

I love the photos Kelli! When do I get to see all of them? They are amazing:) I know that I have told you this before but you are so talented. You really caught each girl's personality. Thank you for working with our family:) By the way, my nephew got engaged over the weekend so you are off the hook:)