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May 12, 2008

I've been featured!

Wow! How lucky am I??? I've been featured on blog of photogs! It's an awesome blog that regularly features amazing photographs (found some of my favs on here) and I am so flattered that today it's ME! It's been a good few days for my family, as my brother welcomed a new baby girl to the clan. I fly out tonight to go meet her, so look for brand spankin' new baby pictures soon!

And a few favorites for good measure :)


threewinks said...

That is so exciting. Congrats! When will you be back in SL?

Kristin said...

Congrats Kelli!!

Karen S said...

That's impressive Kelli. Congratulations.

Anson Gessel Pho+ography said...

You are da shiznit! Nice shots BTW. You're skills pay the bills!

Jenna said...

Your hits must be going through the roof! I am not even surprised at all. Love you!

Whitney Hardie said...

Congrats Kelli! I am totally excited for you and you definitely deserve it. You are the blog queen!