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January 15, 2008

Kiki and Larry's Engagements

Round 2 of the engagements! Click here to see the day that it rained on us back in December. Saturday was a fabulous day in the city! We started at the Palace of Fine Arts and ended at Baker Beach. A caution to those wishing to go to Baker, it IS clothing optional, and yes, even in the dead of winter they may be there. Thankfully, we only ran into one, and he was far enough away that he didn't interfere...Sorry there are so many! It was impossible to narrow down.


Jenna said...

Nice sunflare on that one a few pictures up.

Brooke said...

Oh those are FABULOUS!!!!! I can't even pick a favorite, Kiki looks beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you, Kelli!! These are beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest =) You're awesome!

ChrisS said...

They really ARE beautiful. Nice variety of shots. I don't know HOW she is going to pick which ones to buy.