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December 27, 2007

Alison + Brian Married!

This was a beautiful wedding I got to shoot before I left Utah and it was freezing!!! It makes me glad to be in California right now! We still got some awesome shots and the bride and groom were real troopers!! Thanks you two!

This was fun, click to see it bigger!


Jenna said...

So adorable Kel! I love the one of the elevator doors closing.

ChrisS said...

They are so wonderful. I absolutely love the elevator shots too. You are amazing. If I were that bride, I'd be so pleased.

Brooke said...

I LOVE them!!!! I love the shoe one and the elevator one and the one by the stairs, I just love them all, FABULOUS job!!!!!!!

Megan ( said...

Kelli- How did you do the photo w/ the rings? These are great!

Kelli Nicole Photography said...

Thanks! The rings were on a glass table and Christmas tree lights from the background are reflecting on the table. A little action magic later and I've got a sweet picture :)