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November 8, 2007

It's. So. Beautiful.

I bought a new camera and I'm so excited about it! I just got it in the mail yesterday. This is one of Canon's newest cameras and just came out a month or two ago. I took these this morning with my 20D (which I'll now be selling...) on my kitchen table (please remember that I'm not a product photographer!). Now I just have to put the neck strap on correctly and get the vertical battery grip on and I'll be set!!

PS: One of the coolest things about this camera is the self-cleaning sensor. If you're a photographer you know how awesome this is. And the giant screen. That's pretty cool too.


Megan J said...

Kelli- I just bought one of these yesterday! So excited! I haven't unpackaged it yet though- can't wait. Enjoy!

Brooke said...

Very cool, just in time for Ella, you have 9 days to get that camera strap on correctly :o)

Mark Weinberg said...

sweet camera.