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October 26, 2007


I've been friends with Dani since she was around 12 and it was so much fun to photograph her! We're probably going to do it again sometime :). I took her to a few places I've always wanted to shoot at and she got quite a few honks as some of our spots were right off the main road in Provo. Isn't she gorgeous??


Brooke said...

Kelli, they are fabulous, they look like they need to be in a magazine! (as usual :o)

Tamart said...

Kelli, thank you for getting some beautiful pictures for her 18th birthday! You really captured her beauty!

ChrisS said...

I can't say enough about these photos. You have captured Dani. She IS beautiful and YOU have a gift. Yay you.

Jeff said...

Thanks so much. Dani is beautiful, but she doesn't like it when the camera is turned on her, yet you have captured her in a wonderful way! You have talent!