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June 28, 2007

Photo Group Shoot

My friend Kelli recently started a photo group where BYU alumni get together and bounce business ideas off each other and last night three of us got together with three models and did this fun shoot in an industrial setting!

Thanks to the guys that got us on the roof!


Kelli said...

kelli these look great. my very favorite is the third one down of courtney in the shed. i wish i would have shot over your shoulder for that one. and of coarse i love the one of us on the roof. how funny was that. thanks for coming!

nhsphoto said...

kelli! these are great. it's fun to see all of our different perspectives. love love the one of courtney with hair blowing in the wind and the second one of heather. so glad you came.

Courtney said...

Your pictures turned out awesome. You guys are all so amazing. It was so nice meeting you. Thanks again!!!!